Way To Organize Your Fridge


Hey peeps, so how do you organize your fridge? Or you just put things in wherever it is fit? A very important fact that you need to know, a well-organized fridge does help to prevent bacteria from infiltrating your food.

In fact, foods that are correctly stored in the fridge can also help you minimize food wastage and reduce your chance of getting food poisoning.

Let us break it down for you:

Door Shelves


Door shelves are usually the warmest part of the fridge. You can store food that’s that have natural preservatives: such as jam, juices, and condiments.


Upper Shelves / Freezer


Food that needs to be stored for long or don’t need to cook: such as meat, fish, pre-cook food, and leftovers.


Lower / Middle Shelves



On this shelf, you can store items like dairy products: milk, cheese, yogurt, butter, cake and etc.


Bottom Shelves


This is usually the coldest part of the fridge apart from the freezer, so you can keep things that not being used frequently.


Drawer Shelves


Drawers are a good place to store vegetables, fruits, and herbs with the original packaging.



Tips for food storage

  1. Tips number 1, separate your raw food and cooked food. Place raw food in the freezer and make sure cooked food is store in a complete seal container. This is to avoid raw food smells contaminate your cooked foods.
  2. Clean your fridge regularly, keeping them fresh and clean to avoid food poisoning from the unpleasant bacteria.
  3. Keep certain fruit and vegetables out from the fridge, such as bananas, avocado, pears, tomatoes, peaches as they can make some veggies spoil prematurely. If really need to keep them in the fridge, make sure to separate them in a different container or bag.
  4. When condiments, jams, and jellies are opened, they should be kept in the fridge.
  5. A key tip is that a lot of people making this mistake, people defrost meat and fish at room temperature. Doing this can cause bacteria to grow when food got warmer, so defrost it in the fridge.
  6. Never put hot food into the fridge, it will cause the rise of the overall temperature and can lead to food poisoning.




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