Simple Tip To Clean Your Blender In Seconds


Hey, you know what? Actually every time after using a blender, I’d have come across this thought that how to easily clean a blender especially with the blades that I couldn’t remove. Also, I believe you’d agree that most of the blenders are tend to be tall and narrow which is super tricky to wash.


I always have to worry about my finger that might get hurt by the blades while cleaning. It is super frustrating!

But, one day, I found a way which instead of I clean the blender, why not let the blender clean itself?

That’s it, so simple, am I right?

Just pour half a cup of water into the blender. A little dish detergent. Turn your blender on for a few seconds. Pour it out and give it a rinse.


Bang! Your blender is now as clean as new.

Guys~ Please forgive me if you have already used this way to clean your blender for years and hoping I’m going to reveal some other better technique. 

Hmmm~ I believe not everyone knows about this little trick. So, it makes me feel like wanting to share with you when I found out this simple and easy way to clean a blender. 



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