Avoid Cold Coffee With One Simple Tip


I’m a coffee drinker and I realize this issue, if you’re a coffee drinker I think you probably would be kind of frustrated about lukewarm coffee instead of hot coffee.

You see, whenever you order a coffee takeaway from a café, some of you may order an “Extra Hot” coffee or maybe some of the baristas would automatically brew it with extra hot. But, bear in mind that correct temperature is a really important part of making a really good coffee. Overheating coffee can give a bitter taste and overheating milk will ruin the coffee flavor.


But what about those who use your own Home Espresso Coffee Machine to make coffee in the Morning or Afternoon at work? How can we avoid brewing piping hot coffee that overheats the coffee and milk that would ruin the flavour. 

Well, it is a very simple step that will not ruin your coffee flavour yet be able to keep your coffee at a perfect temperature.





Yes, I’m not kidding


The reason for doing this step is because those cups that we use are made of ceramic material to allow us to drink hot drinks without toasting our hands. 




But, as soon as the hot coffee touches your cool ceramic cup, the heat transfers from the hotter surface to the cooler one. 

So, by warming up your cup before adding your coffee, the less heat it will absorb from your drink and there you go with a cup of perfect hot coffee for a longer period.



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