Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machine


Front-load or top load washer? What are their differences? Which one has better performance? Which one is more energy efficient?

You have “tons” of questions on your head when deciding which one to get, am I right? You may even be thinking why there are front load and top load, why not just one will do.

Fret not peeps, here we help you to understand what are their differences that allow you to decide which to go for.

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1. Ease of use

In terms of easy and convenient use, the top load washer got the point at the 1st round. Because usually, the top load washer stands at an ideal height that you will need not to bend over your body to load and unload clothes.

Besides that, top load washers allow you to add in clothes in the mid-cycles or right after you start the cycle which you can’t do on the front load washer.

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2. Time of wash

Well, it goes the same for this round, the top load washer got the point as well. But, don’t get too happy, there are 2 types of top load washer — with agitator and without agitator.

An agitator is a mechanism in the washer that creates motion by shaking and forcing the water through the machine, makes it like a vibrating washing machine and so it washes quicker compared to the other. But, the one without agitator known as high-efficiency washer that cleaner better, more clothes at once and water-efficient.

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3. Better Cleaning

Guess you don’t know actually the front load washer is a gentleman because it is much gentler with clothes while the top load is rougher on clothes. Also, the front load can wash larger items such as pillows or comforters.

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4. Who is more pricey? 

In terms of price, I would say it is a draw on both. Yes, front load washers are more expensive but they usually deliver a quality clean, energy, and water-saving compared to top load washers.  

Besides that, front load washers are equipped with more features that allow various kinds of fabric and soil levels. Even though the front load washer cost more at the beginning but it will be even out in the long period of use.

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5. Water efficiency

The front-load washer got the point in this round again as the front load washer used lesser water and energy-saving than the average of top load washers. Not only reducing the cost of water but also better sustaining our environment.

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At this point, I believe that you have an in-depth idea of the differences between each type’s washing machine and at least got the idea of which kind of washing machine you are looking for. I can’t say which of them are better but they have their own Pros & Cons that depend on what you prefer.


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