Blueair’s HealthProtect™ Tested To Remove Live COVID-19 From Air


Okay! Please be informed that this is not a clickbait to attract you to read this blog, all of the statement below is proven from U.S lab and claimed by Blueair. 

So, one of our partners Blueair, a global air purification expert has claimed that their HealthProtect™ 7400 Series (7440i & 7770i) air purifier removed 99.99% of the live airborne covid-19 virus.

It is the first product from Blueair that the air purifier tested to remove covid-19 from the air.

As we know according to the “Center of Disease Control and Protection” , the virus which is known as Covid-19 spread through droplets containing the virus. It can happen through direct contact, for eg: Shake Hands or the air.

If you wish to learn more about how does Blueair runs the testing journey, you may visit the blog here




oooh~ Besides that, Blueair’s HealthProtect™ is the only air purifier to provide 24/7 protection against viruses and bacteria. Basically you don’t have to worry about any other dust or bacteria and always keep your environment clean and safe.


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