Is Your House Electrical Appliances Sirim Approved?


Well, today’s topic is more like information sharing (A very important one) that I have decided to share with you. The other day one of our customers share this experience with our sales representative when visiting our retail shop.

That customer came across this incident where his oven got a short circuit immediately following by the kettle in the kitchen, he was so close to both the electrical appliances when he is pouring water like 5-10meters from it. He got shocked and said it was so lucky that he wasn’t standing right in front of the appliances, or else he couldn’t imagine what could happen to him.




After a few conversations, our sales rep found out that he bought those electrical appliances online without SIRIM certification. He bought it from the 3rd party store for the sake of affordable price but end up with an unpleasant incident.


Now, take 1 min break from this blog before we continue, let’s check all of the electrical appliances in your house does it certified with SIRIM-ST label?




Why is SIRIM certification so important? Because all electrical appliances certified by SIRIM comply with Malaysian and international standards and the factory has been audited to ensure a proper quality control system to produces electrical appliances that consistently and continuously comply with the standard.


If an individual electrical appliance being audited and certified with SIRIM-ST label, which means that electrical appliances have been checked and constantly produce in a proper and safe process. If any unfortunate incident happens or the product company misusing the label, the license will be terminated and the company will be instructed to recall the products from the market.




Product Categories

There are a total of 34 categories of electrical appliances that are regulated by the Energy Commission. (Refer to Information booklet on “Guideline for Approval Electrical Equipment (Electricity Regulations 1994) available in www.st.gov.my). The list of Regulated Electrical Equipment are as follows:

  • Plug top/plug
  • Switch and dimmer
  • Socket outlet
  • Fluorescent lampholder/starter holder
  • Ceiling rose
  • Bayonet cap and multiway adaptor
  • Lamp fitting
  • Capacitor for fluorescent lamp
  • Ballast/control gear/driver for lamp
  • Circuit breaker including AC current operated earth leakage circuit breaker and miniature circuit breaker
  • Portable luminaire lamp
  • Kettle including heating elements if supplied separately
  • Kitchen machine
  • Toaster/oven (cooking appliance)
  • Rice cooker
  • Refrigerator
  • Immersion water heater
  • Water heater including heating elements if supplied separately
  • Washing machine
  • Fan
  • Hand operated hairdryer/hair-care/skincare
  • Iron
  • Shaver
  • Vaporizer
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Hi-fidelity set
  • Video and visual display unit
  • Audio and video player unit,
  • Massager
  • Air conditioner (cooling capacity of 32,00 Btu/hr & below)
  • Christmas light
  • Domestic power tools (portable type)
  • Adapter/charger
  • Wire/cable/cord (non-armoured) 0.5mm² to 35mm²


Final Tips & Reminder

At BHB, we suggest everyone purchase electrical appliances that regulated with SIRIM-ST labels. You may check the label from the packaging of the product or view it by SIRIM QAS International mobile application (IOS & Android). And also, please ensure the manufacturer provides all products at least a 1-year warranty.










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