Alpha SMART18I Shower DC Pump Black

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Auto Test
Line Fault Indicator
Double Relay ELCB
Safety Thermal Cut-Off
Splash Proof
Nylon Fibre Internal
DC Pump


AUTO TEST-will run a self-test on the internal circuit to check if there is any leakage on all electric components & parts
LINE FAULT INDICATOR-To checks your home’s wiring status and detects any improper electrical connection.
It will be alerted with the indicator light changing from green to red
SAFETY THERMAL CUT-OFF-Automatic & Overload Temperature Control System automatically breaks off power supply if the is abnormal rise in shower temperature
SPLASH PROOF-The casing is designed to provide protection against water seeping into the heater’s internal mechanism
NYLON FIBRE INTERNAL-The internal of the heater is build with this strong & durable non-conductive material for futher insulation against electric shock

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Alpha SMART18I Shower DC Pump Black

RM599.00RM738.00 (-19%)

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