Toshiba RC18DR1NMY Rice Cooker 1.8L Digital Bincho Charcoal Series

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  • Black Non-stick coating with Japan Bincho Charcoal
  • 8 Layers Inner Pan Layers
  • 4.0 mm Thickness Inner Pan
  • Detachable Vent
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New Digital Rice Cooker can distribute the heat evenly. The inner lid has designed as a beehive to detect the steam after cooking



Because it has a highly porous structure, Binchotan makes a good water purifier that absorbs chlorine and unwanted smells to improve the overall taste of tap water. If you add a piece when cooking rice, it can improve the taste by absorbing undesirable substances in the water and releasing some minerals.


Yes. This means eating charcoal. This might sound outrageous, but in actual fact, charcoal has been used medically for a long time. Activated charcoal is considered to be medicine’s most powerful adsorbent and as such, it readily works to adsorb many toxins, poisons and heavy metals from the body, rendering them harmless.

It is a non-toxic antidote that has been used effectively as far back as the Egyptian dynasty and possibly longer.


4.0mm Non-Stick Inner Pot

4.0mm Non-Stick Inner Pot
It is produced at a extremely high temperature at 1300 °C and ancient Japanese process, which is superior as it combines the best quality Japanese Oak and the traditional unique craftsmanship.

8-layer Bincho Charcoal Pot

8-layer Bincho Charcoal Pot
It has a extra-thick 4.0 mm 8-layer inner pot with Japan best in class Binchotan charcoal. Thanks to the far-infrared radiation produced by the charcoal, the rice are evenly cooked and sealed enhancing the natural flavor.

Preset Menus with LED Display
Preset Menus with LED Display
Toshiba Digital Rice Cookers come with a Preset menu for Steam, Soup, Cake, Sushi, Congee functions apart from 5 types of rice cooking. Home cooking becomes easier than ever.

Multi-Functionality - 11-Auto Menu

Multi-Functionality – 11-Auto Menu
Home cooking becomes easier than ever boosted essentials Preset Menu Options, Quick Cook, Cake, Soup, Steam & different rice types.

Quick Cook & Automatic Keep Warm
Quick Cook & Automatic Keep Warm
Toshiba digital rice cooker series provides multiple Easy Cook functions including Quick Cook that helps prepare recipes in 30 minutes or less.
Keep Warm auto function that helps retain freshness in rice for up to 12 hours and Preset Timer that you can use to decide the time you want to keep rice ready.


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Toshiba RC18DR1NMY Rice Cooker 1.8L Digital Bincho Charcoal Series

RM359.00RM439.00 (-18%)

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