Delonghi DESCALER EcoDecalk Descaler

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  • 100% ECO-Friendly
  • Light Weight
  • More Powerful

Used regularly, the De’Longhi EcoDecalk machine descaler significantly reduces the likelihood of premature breakdown from scale build-up, increases the energy efficiency, and improves the flavour and crema.


Why Using Descaler?

• Limescale deposits increase the electric power consumption for heating and pumping the water by up to 30%.

• A build-up of limescale in your machine may cause your coffee to taste unpleasant, it can clog up the internal components and can even lead to malfunctions in changing the optimal brewing temperature.

• Regular removal of limescale will improve performance, ensure efficiently and will extend the life of the machine. Your fully automatic coffee machine will indicate when it needs to be descaled.

100% ECO-Friendly

Uses only natural and high-quality, environmentally friendly, raw materials.

Light Weight

Made of borosilicate glass, it’s comfortable to hold and much lighter in hand.

More Powerful

Up to 3 times more effective and fast than traditional descalers.

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Delonghi DESCALER EcoDecalk Descaler

RM32.00RM35.00 (-9%)

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