Panasonic TKCS10 Water Purifier

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Provides safe and clean water for your daily life

  • 6.5 litres / min Filtering Capacity
  • Residual Chlorine: 95%
  • Powdered Activated Carbon
  • Non-woven Fabric
  • Long cartridge Life 12,500 litre for Residual Chlorine
  • Cartridge model: P-6JRC
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Model TK-CS10
Filtering capacity 6.5L/min(1.7 U.S. Gal/min)[ lnitial data,Atpressureon 100kPa and temperature of 20°C ]
Cartridge filter components Powdered activated carbon,Non-woven fabric
Water pressure at which the unit can be used 40kPa-350kPa
Working pressure 40kPa-750kPa【Safety valve operating pressure:350kPa]
Filter performance data Residual chlorine Reduction efficiency 0.95
Filtration capacity 12,500L
Turbidity Reduction efficiency 0.9
Filtration capacity 12,500L
Other removable matters Red rust,Molds and Sediment
Helps remove Coloring,Odor and Tast
Unremovable matters Iron compounds and heavy metals(sllver,copper and lead)dissolved in water,salt(sea sall),etc.
General Information Dimensions: W x D x H [mm] Width 153X Depth 260 X Height 265
Mass(Weight) [kg] 1.1 [2.6 with water full ]

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Weight 1.1 kg

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Panasonic TKCS10 Water Purifier

RM193.00RM197.00 (-2%)

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