LG WD515AN-WHITE Water Purifier Tankless [White]


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  • 3-Stage Filteration System
  • UV Sterilising Care
  • Tankless Hot & Cold & Room temp. water
  • 4 Directions Moving Tap
  • Hot Water & Volume Control
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LG Water Purifier Tankless (WD515AN-WHITE)

LG Water Purifier Tankless (WD515AN-WHITE) utilizes an advanced 3-stage water filtration system to filter your drinking & tankless with Hot / Cold / Ambient water.

Fresh Water Every Time You Drink

Drink fresh water and stay relieved thanks to 3-stage filtration, UV Sterilization and no water tank with LG Water Purifier Tankless.
A family of three stand around a kitchen counter drinking water with the PuriCare Water Purifier on the counter in the foreground.
*Stage 01. Pre Carbon Block Plus Filter Removal of chlorine and particular heavy matals. Stage 02. UF Membrane Filter Removal of various germs and fine particles. Stage 03. Post Carbon Filter Removal of odor inducing substances such as green tide, decay and improving water taste.
*Issued by the Korea Water Purifier Industry Cooperative according to the Law for the management of Drinking water. This is based on the quality inspection report and may differ depending on the actual use environment. The pore size of UF filter (2nd stage) is 0.1~0.3㎛, fine particles and bacteria more than that size can be removed.
  • Three images of the water purifier are shown next to eachother and each has a different sized water recepticle showing that the tap can move up and down depending on the size.

    Up & Down Auto Moving Tap

    Automatically moves up and down, detects the cup, and adjusts the height! You can use it conveniently and safely.

  • The first photo gallery showcases three water purifiers with three different sized glasses beneath the tap to show the heigh adjustment capability. The second photo gallery showcases the same purifier but with the tap moved from the left side then to the right side to show the 180˚ rotation possibility.

    Left & Right Moving Tap

    Access to clean drinking water has never been this easy before with a rotating 180˚ tap.

Total Care Service, Always Peak Condition

Optimal performance is guaranteed through yearly pipe replacement, and expert visits every three months.

  • Three images are shown: the first features a hand gripping the pipe inside of the water purifier

    Yearly Pipe Replacement, Always New

    It ensures you’re drinking fresh water every day and your water purifier runs like new for longer.

  • The second has a woman in a busines suit holding a folder with the water purifer in the background

    Expert Care Every 3 Months, Always Clean

    Filter changes and sterilization care for your water purifier’s internal pipes ensure clean drinking water.

  • The third shows the touch pad of the machine and a magnified water symbol tuned red to indicate it changes colors based on the filter status.

    Know When the Filter Needs to be Changed

    Easily monitor your LG water purifier performance and filter status via an indication lamp.

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Dimensions 17 × 52 × 39.9 cm
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LG WD515AN-WHITE Water Purifier Tankless [White]


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