Seers SE230 Home Booster Pump

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Home Commercial Booster Pump
Supprting up to 2 Rooms

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The SEERS Booster pump is a pressure booster suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
The Booster Pump provides fantastic water transference from tank to roof while maintaining constant pressure As water saving is SEERS main concern the booster pump is non self pumping providing higher efficiency in water transfer as well as energy usage
Long-lasting: Fully stainless-steel construction on parts that will be in contact with water. Built-in thermal protection also ensures that the motor will continue running for longer periods
Energy-efficient: Low temperature motor is carefully designed with low energy consumption in mind. Now, less energy will be lost as heat
Less hassle with the maintenance-free bi-directional mechanical seal and the automatic start-up and cut-off
Run dry protection helps prevent major, pump-changing damage
Maximum satisfaction with equally smooth water flow and pressure
2 Rooms for 2m1/Hr 28 meter

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Weight 10.5 kg

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Seers SE230 Home Booster Pump

RM1,105.00RM1,200.00 (-8%)