Ariston WMG9237BEX 9KG Front Load Washing Machine

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Product Type : Front Load Washing Machines
RPM : 1400RPM/Year
Capacity : 9KG
Height : 850mm
Width : 595mm
Depth : 605mm
Material : Stainless Steel

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This front loading washing machine WMG9237BEX comes to you straight from Ariston
Offering you a wide range of easy to use wash cycles
You can rely on this machine to provide your clothes with thorough, yet gentle cleaning
Sized to suit family homes, this appliance is both innovative and stylish, with a classic white finish that?s ideal for any laundry room
The Anti-Allergy cycle includes two phases: the water is first heated at the start of the cycle then the temperature is kept constant at 60?C to eliminate pollen and dust mites , It uses more water to further dissolve the detergent and performs no less than five rinse phases – three more compared to standard cycles
First for stain removal. Removes 20 of the most stubborn everyday stains in one wash without pre-soaking , By cleverly managing detergent, water, drum rotation, and temperature
An 85?C cycle for cleaning and sanitizing internal machine parts, such as the seals, porthole, and drum , Certain models also perform a sanitization phase with steam, which helps to eliminate germs, bacteria, and molds
Woolmark Platinum Care is the highest certification issued by the Woolmark Company, for the efficacy of the wool cycle , Extremely delicate on woolen and cashmere garments, the cycle revives their fibers and deep cleans them
You can delay the program for up to 24 hours according to your needs , Prepare the load, add the detergent, set the program, and the machine will start at your chosen time

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Weight 83 kg

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Ariston WMG9237BEX 9KG Front Load Washing Machine

RM3,999.00RM4,999.00 (-20%)

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