LG TDC7066W 7KG Dryer Sensor Dry

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  • Sensor Dry
  • Rack Dry
  • Lint Filter
  • Ductless
  • Two-Way Tumbling
  • Stainless Steel Drum
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Sensor Dry

Automatically monitors temperature and moisture for excellent drying performance. Fabric care, temperature & moisture regulation, and lint filter sensing are among the benefits of Sensor dry.
Sensor Dry
Two-way Tumbling
Reduce tangling with Two-way tumbling. LG dryer drum rotates both clockwise and counter clockwise, reducing tangling and creasing of clothes.
* Two-way tumbling is only available for selected programs. (Cotton, Easy Care, Mixed Fabrics, Refresh)
Two-way Tumbling

Smart Diagnosis™

Push, listen, and diagnose. Diagnose up to 28 technical problems on your dryers.
* Smart DiagnosisTM is a troubleshooting feature designed to assist service calls. LG does not guarantee that Smart DiagnosisTM would accurately troubleshoot any given issue.
Smart Diagnosis™


  • Capacity
    600 x 660 x 840
  • Body Color
    Touch LED Display

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Weight 60 kg

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LG TDC7066W 7KG Dryer Sensor Dry

RM1,999.00RM2,640.00 (-24%)