Cut ironing time into half with steam generator iron

Nowadays, many has moved to the steam generator iron. It is because it cuts the ironing time in half, and its popularity has risen a lot.

Steam Generator Iron usually comes with a large water tank which bigger than normal water tank on basic steam iron. A typical steam iron only can last for an hour of ironing and it need to be filled up again. It is a major difference with steam generator iron. Capacity of steam generator iron can up to 2.2 litre, it can help to reduce your time for filled up the water tank. When you fill in the tanks, the iron will generates more steam for longer period of time. You can quite literally iron for hours without refilling the water.

Normally dry iron only used best when the clothes still have moisture in it. The moisture on the clothes will create little steam when we use dry iron and it can remove the wrinkles. However, when the clothes are dry and no retained moisture, dry iron will not remove all the wrinkles. A steam generator iron with high pressure steam to really get through clothes and make your ironing fast.

All steam generator irons have boiler inside to help heat up the water and turns it into steam. Most of the steam iron will use around 2,400watts of power to heat up, but it only can be use for 1 minute. For steam generator iron, it uses the similar wattage with steam iron to heat up, but it can use for a longer time. It will save your time and you can get on with ironing clothes without lots of stops.

Steam generator iron also called as “Intelligent Iron”. It means there are no temperature settings required due to their technology may recognises the clothes’ material and the temperature will adjust automatically to avoids burns and scorches on fabrics.


Super powerful. Day after day.

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