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Way To Organize Your Fridge

Hey peeps, so how do you organize your fridge? Or you just put things in wherever it is fit? A very important fact that you need to know, a well-organized fridge does help to prevent bacteria from infiltrating your food. In fact, foods that are correctly stored in the fridge can also help you minimize…

60th Anniversary Campaign — You Buy We Pay

After 60 Years of hard work with the team, from a small shop lot together we built it to 7 outlets across Penang state, served over millions of customers in the community to get their desire essential electrical appliances to make their daily life convenient.       This year, we are celebrating the 60th…

Is Your House Electrical Appliances Sirim Approved?

Well, today’s topic is more like information sharing (A very important one) that I have decided to share with you. The other day one of our customers share this experience with our sales representative when visiting our retail shop. That customer came across this incident where his oven got a short circuit immediately following by…

Front Load vs Top Load Washing Machine

Front-load or top load washer? What are their differences? Which one has better performance? Which one is more energy efficient? You have “tons” of questions on your head when deciding which one to get, am I right? You may even be thinking why there are front load and top load, why not just one will…

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