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There appears to be great confusion as to exactly what the latest technology can offer and what its limitations are. Our goal, using this "Back To School" module, is to empower each of our customers with a thorough understanding of new technology and in turns help you with the knowledge to make educated decisions.

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What is HDMI?

HDMI is an industry standard digital interface that supports both audio and video data components. HDMI has quickly become the standard for connecting consumer electronic devices together .HDMI supports standard, enhanced, or high-definition video as well as multi-channel digital audio on a single industry standard cable. HDMI is capable of carrying any type of compressed audio data such as Dolby or DTS.

What is HDTV?

HDTV stands for High Definition TV . HDTV is defined as having higher quality video, audio and a wider image. Extra bandwidth and image resolution brings you one big benefit which means better picture.


How to choose a good DVD player?

Buy a blu-ray disc player if you can. The blu-ray discs store excellent quality pictures as their recording contains more information than ordinary DVD recording. It is better to buy an HDTV and a blu-ray player, if you can afford it. If you own a standard analog TV, then the standard basic DVD player is sufficient. The analog TV accepts analog inputs and cannot display high quality digital information. When you buy an HDTV you can simply up-convert the existing standard DVD player. The up-conversion process (or upscaling) enhances the standard DVD signal to a high-definition format. The resulting signal gives almost HD [High Definition] signal quality. Look for common formats. Modern DVD players can play a wide range of media files. The common formats are DVD-R/RW, VCD (Video CD), DVD-audio, Audio-CD, MP3, WMA(Windows Media Audio), JPEG pictures, MPEG movies, DivX, etc. Latest players have HD-CD (High Definition CD) compatibility. HD-CD can be played in ordinary CD players or DVD players with HD-CD compatibility. But it is better to play HDCD in DVD players.


How to buy a sound system that suits your needs?

Rely on your own verdicts as you know your needs best! Bring your own CD to our shop – this will make an excellent comparison when choosing a sound system that suits your sense of hearing. If you are comparing sound system, it’s best to bring the same audio CD with you, or the same set of speakers or amplifiers.