Repairing (for Over and Under Warranty appliances)


We offer service maintenance and repair facilities for most types of household appliances. Our technicians are highly experience and the service comes at a very competitive and reasonable price even if the appliances is not bought from us.

  • Products under warranty will be free of charge and be inspected by the manufacturer;
  • products over warranty will require nominal for inspection.

General repair starts from as low as RM20 depending on the product nature. Please contact any of our BHB outlets for further enquiries.


  • Kindly contact the BHB outlet that you have made the purchase from or walk in to any of our BHB outlets along with your product and necessary documents ( invoice or Official Receipt etc)
  • Our technician will examine your faulty the product to validate its damage and you will be issued a repair form
  • A deposit will be required.
  • We will contact you within 5 working days to inform you of the state /progress of your item .