The 'Beez' Story


Founded in 1961, Ban Hin Bee (before converting to private limited company) had its humble beginnings on Anson Road Penang. Under the distinct leadership of Mr. Jimmy Yeoh, the founder and Managing Director of Ban Hin Bee Sdn Bhd (BHB) has progressed from a family-run bicycle shop to selling car stereo and accessories to selling black & white televisions and radios. Ban Hin Bee Sdn Bhd was subsequently incorporated in 1976 and expanded to double shop lot selling full range of electrical & electronics appliances.

It wasn’t all easy during the initial period, economy was not at its best and electrical and home appliances were considered luxury items instead of basic necessities. However, Mr. Jimmy Yeoh, being young and energetic, was very passionate in his new start-up business. With his fine business acumen, he figured the one of the best ways to sustain long-term business growth is to build good relationship with the customers. With this objective in mind, Mr. Jimmy Yeoh went all out to bridge friendship with his customers and expands his social networks.


Mr. Jimmy Yeoh can often be seen riding his ‘kapcai’ loaded with electronic appliances, hanging out at kampongs with the village folks. Through humble networking and knowledge-sharing with the folks, Mr. Jimmy Yeoh gets to know the localized consumer behaviour and gradually gained popularity and trust among the village folks. It was a one-man show for Mr. Jimmy Yeoh from sales and promotion, delivery , accounts managing to credit collection. Mr. Jimmy Yeoh’s hard work eventually paid off with a heightened success over the years- businesses begins to pour in through good word-of-mouth around the neighborhoods and people began to recognize the comfort of technology.

BHB then underwent aggressive expansion plans and set-up new outlets in strategies areas of Penang Island. As one of the most well-known electrical & electronics retail chain stores with 8 outlets in Penang, BHB is one of the most profound image in Penang. Today, BHB has more than 90 staffs under its roof to cater for the organization needs for human resources.


Having participated in many major projects in Penang, BHB’s vast experience in air-conditioning system from construction phase up till completion of the construction has earned BHB several major projects. The air conditioning system of development projects that we have participated in are Gold Coast Resort Condominiums by Techware, Villa Emas by LTS Group, Suntech City by Emerald Capital Development Sdn Bhd, Tanjung Park Condominium, Moon Light Bay, Penang Times Square, University Place Palace Hill by Ivory Group and Symphony Park by Belleview Properties Group.


Backed by stable and effective management, strong financial ground and wide range of well-known brands, BHB is a success story today. Nevertheless, BHB believes in placing great emphasis in quality products and customer satisfaction. With this in mind, it is the intention of BHB to offer all its customers a high quality of service, wide range of high quality products, lowest and competitive pricing and good shopping environment.

In year 2005, Kitchentech was established as a new brand under BHB Group. Kitchentech is an integrated technology center that caters to the new lifestyle trend where young and energetic food lovers can enjoy cooking in a state-of-the-art environment. Kitchentech, which has been around for more than 5 years, is a one-stop solution for kitchen ideas and innovations.

Kitchentech has a wide range of high-quality products imported from Europe and the United States such as popular brands like Ariston, Fagor, Fisher & Paykel, Kelvinator, Tuscani, GE, Smeg, Liebherr, Pacific, Kitchenaid, Cuisinart, Airegard, Kleengard, Blanco, Cata and more…..